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I am an experienced pharmacist who decided to fulfill his passion of research and become a neuroscientist. I conducted my master's project at UT Southwestern Medical Centre in the U.S. trying to decipher how brain cells communicate with each other. Afterwards, I received my PhD in neuroscience from EPFL in Switzerland where I significantly contributed to the research conducted on traumatic memories. Through my PhD and 3-year of postdoc work, I have managed to describe where traumatic and fear memories are located in the brain and how can we overcome them. Such contribution was rewarded by being published in the renowned Science magazine – one of the most prestigious scientific journals for high-impact feats.

I hold great experience in project management, mentoring, as well as science communication. With 15+ years of experience in research, I have proved to be a very dynamic and a well-appreciated team player. I have garnered an extensive knowledge working with animal models and I am currently leading the learning and memory program at the Centre for Neuroscience and Regenerative Medicine (CNRM) at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) with an aim to solve as many mysteries about the brain as possible.



Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) - The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne

Lausanne, Switzerland 


American University in Cairo (AUC)

Cairo, Egypt


Helwan University

Cairo - Egypt

Doctorate degree in Neuroscience. Thesis project carried out in the lab of Neuroepigenetics at EPFL. In my PhD, I have managed to shed the light on how our brains process traumatic memories, and where they are stored in the brain, and how would it be possible to overcome such traumata. 

Master's degree in Biotechnology. Thesis project on Neurogenetics conducted in UT Southwestern Medical Centre in Dallas, Texas from July 2011 till October 2012.  

Bachelor's of Pharmacy. Worked as a community pharmacist for 2 years, and did research at the Pharmaceutical Industries division at the biggest research centre in Egypt, the National Research Centre (NRC). 

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