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Media Coverage

Selected articles covering my work and achievement in the field of Neuroscience. 

The neurons that rewrite traumatic memories

Neuroscientists have located the cells that help reprogram long-lasting memories of traumatic experiences towards safety, a first in neuroscience.

The Neuroscientific Case for Facing Your Fears

A new study shows that mice have to remember their phobias if they are to lose them effectively.


They may not have to plague us forever

Traumatic memory study reveals how our darkest fears can be rewritten.


Facing your fears

Ossama Khalaf and colleagues provide a neural mechanism for a more effective form of treatment for anxiety disorders.


Pour surmonter un traumatisme, en réécrire le souvenir 

Une équipe de neurobiologistes de l’EPFL est parvenue à visualiser les phénomènes cellulaires à l’œuvre lors du traitement de souvenirs traumatiques. 


Rewriting fear: A road toward safety

Shedding the light on the neural mechanism underlying fear attenuation, which will inspire us to develop new strategies to improve the treatment of fear and anxiety disorders.

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